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Who we are
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Introducing our Integrated Report
Our approach to reporting
25 years access to medicine
About Aspen
Our investment case
Our global presence

Leadership reviews
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Chair's review
Group Chief Executive's review
Group Chief Financial Officer's review

Creating sustainable value
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Our material matters
Our value creation process
Our business model
Making strategic trade-offs and the impact on our capitals
Our product portfolio management model
Our capital allocation model
Our Business Strategy
Our Human Capital Strategy
Our Digital Transformation Strategy
Our approach to sustainability
Our external operating context
Engaging with our stakeholders
Our risks and opportunities

Our performance
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Our strategic business performance
Business segment overview:
Sterile Focus Brands
Regional Brands
Manufacturing operational overview

Achieving impact through our sustainability pillars
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Our People

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Our approach to governance
Governance supporting our strategy
Board of Directors
Group Executive Committee

Remuneration review
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Remuneration review

Supplementary information
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Salient financial information
Definitions and formulas
Shareholders' diary
Unaudited share statistics